Buy Blackberry Kush Online, Blackberry Kush For Sale Online


Buy Blackberry Kush Online, Blackberry Kush For Sale Online

Blackberry Kush is described by many as the best strain they have every
smoked. The dense dark green and purple buds of this indica hybrid are frosted
over with crystals. Sharing this trichome wonderland is an abundance of thin
orange hairs protruding from this exotic flower. This delectable treat emits a
complex aroma with a deep fuel and mixed berry scent that caresses the
nostrils. Blackberry Kush’s rich smoke produces a great body high without the
usual side effects of fatigue and laziness. If you really want to savor
Blackberry Kush, try it out of a vaporizer.

Blackberry Kush is a predominately Indica Strain with buds covered in thin red
hairs and lots of trichomes. Laced throughout the green buds are purple,
yellow and black hues. The Indica heritage is clearly exhibited making users
feel a strong couchlock body high. Even so, the strain still provides powerful
euphoric feelings of happiness and an elevated mood. Users often report
feeling a heavy onset of the munchies to boot. Apart from the bloodshot eyes
and dry mouth users of Blackberry Kush have also experienced dizziness,
headaches and occasionally anxiety.

The Indica properties of Blackberry Kush make it a top choice by many people
suffering from insomnia and chronic pain. It is those same Indica effects that
also make the strain good for night time use. It is also heavily prescribed
for those dealing with disorders affecting their ability to cope with stress,
nervousness and anxiety.

Blackberry Kush exact heritage is unknown though it is estimated by most
dispensaries to be roughly eighty percent Indica. There are those that say it
a cross between an Afghani, a pure Indica, and one of the Blackberry strains
while others say the Afhgani was crossed not with a Blackberry but DJ Short
Blueberry. Some believe the Afghani was part of a Blackberry strain that is
the father which then crossed with a Bubba Kush. A few believe that Bubba Kush
was instead crossed with a DJ Short Blueberry to produce Blackberry Kush.

The strain is recommended for indoor growing is great for beginner cash-
croppers due to its high yields and relative ease of growth. Even novice
growers can expect up to 450 grams per 1000 watts or per square meter.

There are some experienced growers who have grown it outside with great
results as well – harvesting up to two pounds per plant. Blackberry Kush is
naturally resistant to molds and mildews but has been known to have trouble
with botrytis. Measures should also be taken to protect it from spider mites.
This strain is rarely topped and aggressive lateral branching is suggested for
optimal flowering. Blackberry Kush matures around 65 to 75 days inside and 60
to 65 days outside. Blackberry Kush is a great strain for growers and tokers
who like their cannabis rich in myrcene (an omnipresent terpene).

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