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Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid cross of Haze and Blueberry. It has one
of the most sought after full-bodied flavors of any strain. Blue Dream’s
fragrance is sweet, zesty and invigorating to the senses. It has dense
popcorn-like buds that glisten a blue hue under the light, complementing the
landscape of trichomes and orange hairs.

Blue Dream produces a superb tasting high that is as long lasting as it is
balanced. It is a great daytime strain. Upon inhalation, you can immediately
feel Blue Dream. The effects creep up rather quickly to produce an energetic
and focused high. Creativity reportedly flourishes with this strain, making it
a favorite amongst artistic cannabis users.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has been recognized by consulting
firm BDS Analytics as the most popular strain circulating in 2015 — and with
good reason. A cross of indica Blueberry and sativa Haze, it offers a
universally appealing taste and a long-lasting, well-rounded high. Smokers
enjoy the ideal balance of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. After
enjoying a cult following in California, it has become a top seller in
Colorado and Washington. Thanks to aggressive branding, it may soon find a
home in newly legal east coast cannabis markets as well. Samples of Blue Dream
have tested at between 15% and 25% THC.

Blue Dream has small to medium-sized buds that, when cured, have a popcorn-
like, nugget shape. The leaves are primarily dark green. Interestingly, few
phenotypes show the blue to lavender hues so often associated with parent
strain Blueberry. Blue Dream’s plentiful trichomes are often clear in color,
meaning that, while sticky to the touch, leaves don’t always have the same
silvery sheen as other resinous strains, nevertheless, these flowers are very
sticky and can be tricky to break up without use of a grinder.

Buds of Blue Dream have a skunky-sweet smell with strong notes of berry and grape. There
are also vaguely spicy and herbal undertones, evidence of the genetics
inherited from parent strain Haze. This strain gives off a harsh smoke that
can sting the sinuses and often induce coughing. On the exhale, the smoke
retains a berry flavor, with some hints of herbs and musk. The odor from Blue
Dream can linger for a while, and smokers concerned with discretion should
take precautions.

The complex high from this strain starts off with a bracing head rush that
grabs users quickly. Some changes in perception, like amplified sounds and
colors, may be noticeable although not disorienting. This psychedelic effect
may help smokers have an increased appreciation for music, art, or just
rambling conversation. Blue Dream’s head-focused effects are soon met with a
palpable sense of physical relaxation that spreads throughout the body. For
the duration of the high, users enjoy a balance of mental invigoration and
physical calm that lends itself to their setting or mood.

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