Buy Girl Scout Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies For Sale Online

Buy Girl Scout Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies For Sale Online

Perennially popular hybrid Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, is a heavy
hitter that gives users the best of both cerebral intensity and comfortable
body melt. It originated on the West Coast as a cross between strong sativa
Durban Poison and staple hybrid OG Kush. Although it’s a fairly even meld of
its two potent parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies has a mellow high that leans
more indica. Overall, it’s a versatile and balanced smoke with a THC content
that ranges from 18% to 23% but has been tested as high as 28%.

Girl Scout Cookies tends to have larger buds that are chunky and densely-
packed. The tightly-curled leaves are a bright spring green, and some
phenotypes carry streaks of purple. In any cannabis strain, purple hues are
evidence of anthocyanin pigments in the plant’s genetics that have been
activated by cold temperatures during the vegetative stage. The colorful
flowers are also marked by twisted orange pistils. With a very high resin
content, buds are covered in white trichomes. They’re also very sticky and can
be difficult to break up by hand.

Girl Scout Cookies proves its bag appeal with a rich, complex scent —
immediately obvious is a citrus sweetness, undercut by a baseline of earthy
musk. When burnt or broken open, however, the buds give off a more toasty,
biscuity scent, perhaps explaining the origin of the strain’s name. Smoke
tends to be very smooth on the inhale and on the exhale tastes sweet and
vaguely herbal.

Girl Scout Cookies comes on full-force: feelings of sudden giddiness are
common, which can escalate into full-on euphoria. Users may feel increasingly
chatty or disposed to socializing. There’s also a trippy, psychedelic
component to the high. Smokers may notice an enhanced sense of hearing — or
even of taste, with foods taking on a more dynamic flavor. A strong perception
of time slowing down is also a commonly reported effect. Some relaxing
physicality accompanies this head high; users may feel slightly heavier or
more calm. And while Girl Scout Cookies won’t pin you down into an intractable
state of couchlock, you may have more difficulty with tasks that require fine
motor skills.

This combination of easy-going effects on the mind and body means that Girl
Scout Cookies has a wide range of medical applications. Its ability to elevate
mood can make marijuana valuable to patients suffering from depression, while
its sustained sense of focus and immediacy can help those who find themselves
keyed-up by stress or anxiety. The strain’s thorough indica relaxation may
also relieve patient’s aches and pains, whether incidental or chronic. Potent
even for more experienced cannabis fans, Girl Scout Cookies’ balanced high
often lasts longer than average.

Girl Scout Cookies can be grown from packaged seed or from “clone clippings”
taken from mature plants. Once the means are obtained, this strain could be
considered a convenient crop for growers of all experience levels. Grown
outdoors, the plants require consistently warm and humid daytime surroundings
— although the strain’s hardy genetics make it more resistant to adverse
fluctuations in temperature. It can also be easily grown indoors, as the short
and bushy plants take well to the “sea of green” technique. The thick and
compact flowers may need external support from stakes in order to keep from
drooping on their overburned branches.

The plants flower typically within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors. Growers
of Girl Scout Cookies can expect an average yield of about 2 ounces (or 56
grams) per plant. After the painstaking process of cultivation, growers should
also be sure to properly cure their mature buds — curing involves first
drying the buds by hanging them upside down for about a week in a room that
maintains 50% humidity and a consistent temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit;
and then sealing the dried buds in wide-mouthed jars in an that maintains
temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and between 60-65% humidity.

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