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Buy Lemon Thai Online, Lemon Thai For Sale Online

Lemon Thai is a sativa strain that is great for creativity and energy. It is a
cross between Thai and a Hawaiian landrace strain. Its Thai genetics produce a
very cerebral effect and thought provoking high. Lemon Thai strain, as the
name suggests, smells strikingly similar to lemon juice. The THC percentage
varies greatly depending on growing conditions, usually between 10% and 22% .

Creative types will love the effects of Lemon Thai, as this hybrid brings
feelings of inspiration and focus to the mind. The origin of this strain is
limited, as it’s unclear the ratio of sativa to indica as well as the true
parentage. Dutch Flowers crossed a Thai sativa with a mystery Hawaiian strain
to get Lemon Thai, a choice that’s potent and delicious.

Lemon Thai boasts a nice level of THC with batches averaging around 20%. Buds
are long and tend to be a lighter shade of green, with an aroma that’s
enticing and potent. An overwhelming smell of sour lemon meets slightly earthy
mint notes to create both a scent and taste that’s appreciated by nearly
everyone. Some users even describe a slight tingling sensation on their tongue
after exhaling this magical strain.

You’d think that with potent THC levels, Lemon Thai might knock you out and
render you less than useful. In fact, quite the opposite is true, as this
strain is known for its ability to make users super focused, energetic, and
extremely happy. The cerebral high can also impart the desire for
introspection and thoughtfulness, offering you a chance to think about what’s
important in life. Keep in mind that this strain may not be the best choice
for newer users or those with a lower tolerance – using too much may lead to
couchlock or paranoia.

Individuals plagued by medical concerns, including glaucoma, pain, or lack of
appetite can all benefit from Lemon Thai. Where it truly shines, however, is
with its ability to relieve depression and stress from those who overthink and
worry. Leaving you clear-headed and calm, this strain allows users to go about
their normal day without feeling weighed down. As with many strains, a lot of
users tend to report red eyes and a dry mouth when smoking Lemon Thai.

Growers who are looking for a cash crop will hit it big with Lemon Thai, as
it’s a plant that produces an exceptionally high yield. Thriving in warm
sunshine, it’s pretty easy to grow with even a limited knowledge of
cultivation techniques. It has an average flowering cycle of 8 to 9 weeks,
although some sources report that it’s best to wait longer into the 11 to 13
week range.

Ideal for daytime use when you want to dial in your mental focus, Lemon Thai
is a delicious strain that clears your head and makes you feel great. Use it
daily for stress relief or when you need a moment of time to get in touch with
your innermost thoughts.

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